Nidalee Balancing Idea

Well, Nidalee seems to be whacked every patch with nerfs because of her current kit being so good at counter jungling since we all know her ganks are subpar unless your laners have CC. Currently, the biggest thing that's plagued Nidalee is her spear. It's been the balancing center of most parts of her kit until recent with the nerfs to her W, but her Q has been nerfed quite often and it's awfully painful to try and chuck and spear at anything with boots without being in the fog of war and this is due to the nerfs that have hit it because of how strong it is, so... Why not instead of it being range-based, we just... make it a channel? _**Idea One**_ Yes, a channel. My idea is to add counterplay to Nid's spear not by making all spears have that cast time and have them do mediocre damage at point blank, but to actually fix it. A big issue with Nid is the fact that her Q is too slow and clunky, but has a high reward. Abilities that are slow with high reward tend to have a channel that then give a reward for casting early still. Considering Nidalee's kit needing her to land that spear just to be able to get near her enemies, why not make it to where she can just chuck it quickly for minimal damage and allow her to channel it up and then throw it much like a Varus Q damage-wise, this way it's like actually throwing a Javelin where there's a little time to actually throw it. If not channeling for damage, channeling for Range like Xerath's Q. The speed of the projectile would be increased based on channeling, that way it would match the fact that she's preparing to throw it with a lot more strength, thus making it harder to dodge if channeled, but channeling still slowing her down. The scaling damage based on range would be removed of course since channeling would give it more than enough of incentive to throw it since her kit is based around poking with the Q and then switching to cougar and going in for the kill. The damage could be properly balanced this way since she'd be able to throw the spear for quick passive mark or try to channel for that long range snipe without it being 60%+ of the person's health. Most importantly, I should note, her Q just shouldn't be a main damage output ability. It's a poke ability meant to widdle enemies down. She's meant to catch some one out of position and the best way to do that is with her Q, then switching to cougar to go in for the kill, but that's just not what it ends up amounting to in the end due to her Q have that slow and clunky throw and her lack of ability to get to her target without marking them. **_Idea Two_** Make Nidalee's AA's mark the target. Currently, her passive doesn't root monsters anymore so marking an enemy is solely for the movement speed buff and to jump on them. Considering her W is being nerfed CD-wise when jumping to marked targets and her R having a decent CD, it shouldn't be an issue if her AA's mark the most recent target she's AA'd in Human form. This would allow her to be able to get to her targets easier without having to reinforce her Q, thus allowing her laning form to be well off (Especially for AD Nidalee) without giving her too much strength. The only balancing issue with this would be changing her passive to only hunt one target. Currently, you can hunt more than one if, say, you Q one and another steps on a trap. Honestly, she's an Assassin and a Huntress and should only be hunting one target anyways, so that's not much of a change outside of the jungle.
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