Top lane just got a tumor again, Riot is doing nothing about it again, because it's Top... again

"This guy talking about Tahm?" Yes of course I'm talking about Tahm, what else would I be talking about. Once again we have something so abnormaly toxic to play against in the Top lane but it looks like Riot is feeling good about it! Another champ that was unbalancable in his main role and whoop up you go to the dumping ground called Top. The easy way out! And now let's look at these genius Tahm changes on the PBE > Devour (W) > > - Champion spit lockout time after animation lowered from 1 to 0.25 > - [New] Allies can no longer release themselves from Devour early whole affected by enemy loss of control effects (stun, suppression, fear, etc) > - Allied champion spit range lowered from 400 to 250 > - Devour damage changed from [100/135/170/205/240 (+5/7/9/11/13% target max health)] to [60/105/150/195/240 (+9/10/11/12/13% target max health)] 2 of those are straight up nerfs to --> SUPPORT <-- Tahm (of course we have to make sure bot lane is fun to play, what else would we do if bot wasn't fun to play!) then there is 1 useless change and 1 BUFF FOR TOP?! If you have more than 1K HP his Devourer will do more damage! Are you out of your mind? So this means top laners have the unique privilege of playing against this shit for another 2 weeks (If Riot is generous enough to nerf him next patch that is, who knows maybe we can enjoy this even longer) But if ANYTHING even remotely anti-fun is viable in any other role it gets instantly banished into the abyss of unplayability. When was the last time you saw an Heimedinger bot? Malzahar support? yeah thought so. Then we come to Top and we have to keep up diversity and can't just make Top a "melee paradise" blah blah blah insert the usual bullshit people use to justify toxic champions in Top lane. Top is already the lane with the biggest champ pool, got take your diversity and put it in the ADC role (oh we did but then everyone cried and we reverted it all, how nice) Also as an important note, Top laners actually don't care if every champ is vaible Top, what they care about are champs that make it unable for them to play the game. Go play your Taric top or Kha top or Warwick top or Vi top nobody gives a shit, you can at least play the game against them. It's even welcomed, gives top some fresh air! But no, gotta collect data for 3 months, Hashinshin telling you nice things, people spamming "NERF TAHM NERF TAHM NERF TAHM NERF TAHM" on every twitter post you do and a Reddit thread with 10k upvotes titled "Top Tahm is worse than 10 gigaholocausts" for you to realize "hey maybe people actually don't want Top lane Tahm to be a thing"
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