i can't stick to a champion or playstyle plz help

i cant stick to champs cause whenever i lose i need to find another strategy to climb like: -oh let's stick to my mains from other seasons (these don't work anymore) -lets use a thing like lolpickforme.com or lolmasters champion select tool -oh let's try the most picked stuff in masters, these should be meta and should be op -well let's change role maybe it will help -omg let's look my highest winrate champs from all seasons to see what i should play -oh come on let's just fill so i don't get autofilled players -lets look highest winrate in masters, this should be the op meta -nah man it's silver same but adjusted to the elo, oh wu and rumble mid are op? lets play them -hm let's do the same but eliminate non-meta picks - oh freaking hell im just gonna play yas and zed if they arent banned -heh fuck the meta ill build what i feel is good for me - uh guess ill look the most picked builds in master - what about highest win rate builds? -OMG IM GETTING INSANE!!!!!
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