Just played Aurelion Sol... Eh... What's the point of him?

He's interesting and fun to play, his personality is the best part about him. He has an ego the size of a star to match his lore. Butttt.... In practice, what reason would you have to pick him over somebody else like {{champion:34}}. {{champion:34}} has a longer range stun, better burst damage with that awesome E, a better ultimate and just seems all round better then {{champion:136}} in everything other then health and surviability and mobility but you do not really need that on a mage unless you are playing {{champion:50}} or a semi-tanky mage like {{champion:127}}. So why would you pick him because if I'm being fair, his ultimate is a little lackluster and his Q range is quite small, even when you have expanded his stars so unless you build him as a tanky mage, which {{champion:50}} can do better in my opinion, I am not sure why you would pick him. He seems to bring nothing unique to the party. Also, he requires additional positioning to hit his stars which most other mages do not actually need to do so I fail to see what he has to offer that would be better then {{champion:34}}, {{champion:50}} or even {{champion:127}}. I expected his ultimate to be a really awesome sun with a name like "Voice of Light" but its just a lackluster slow (which {{champion:121}} gets more slow off his void spikes). I am trying not be negative but I really do not see the point of him other then... dragon.
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