Riot Has Proven Time and Timd Again They Have No Clue How to Balance the Jungle

Riot has proven time and time again they have no clue how to balance the jungle. Last time we saw this is when they thought 3 camps then a gank was too early to get a gank off and then because of their change instead of moving to a 4 camp then gank meta it moved to a 1 or 2 camp then gank meta. Scuttle Crab is another great example of not understanding what to do. Riot just added this camp to increase early jungle interaction, but what it did was mainly just force people to trade crabs and then after that the second spawn of crab is contested which isn't much earlier than when junglers would engage before. Also crab has rng spawns which no one likes. Now Riot is reducing Jungle Exp again because junglers have too much impact on the game. I do not deny their reasoning, but their way of fixing it is completely wrong. Junglers already have very little reason to be in their jungler because of high camp respawn time and the already low exp it gives, so they gank frequently because of this. Now Riot is making the jungle even less appealing by reducing the exp camps give, so now junglers will have less reason to farm their camps when they can just gank and leach more exp than they can get off camps and possibly get a kill or assist and plate gold. Riot needs to lower exp and respawn time so that camps are up more often so it is worth it to sometimes power farm the jungle and sometimes it is worth it to gank non-stop.
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