Ranked Isn't fun Anymore. Please fix

First of all. I ended up in silver 5 last year before the season ended and dont have any of the rewards. secondly, because of Riot's "soft reset" even if u win most of ur placements (80%) u get demoted (was bronze 3) and everyone in bronze is so bad u cant win games in solo queue. so now im in bronze 5 when i should be in silver 5 if not silver 4 or 3. i just cant have fun playing ranked trying to get something i should already have to being silver last season. So unfortunately, unless something gets changed, i am no longer playing ranked cause it punishes us as players for getting a certain rank by having us crawl slowly back up to the rank we got to, only to be knocked down by people who arent good and keep u stuck in elo heck (for lack of a better term). also sremove {{champion:105}} and {{champion:17}} from the game
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