Thresh Newbie Needs Advice

Hi everybody! I'm fairly new to play, but I've been watching for years. (Only really watched ADC) I've been trying my hand at Thresh as my main support and I've been pretty good with him in bot games on intermediate. My issue is that when I play regular 5v5 games, the ADC I'm paired with always yells at me for minion kills. Which I understand is not the priority for supports. However, most ADC in early levels cannot get the kills needed to carry through a support. Then I get behind and start losing because I have no money to upgrade and inadvertently feed my laners. So, for most of the games, I try and get some minion kills to fill my coffers and help me succeed. And it works. My thresh can get pretty tanky when I start out getting money and aggressively buying. So my question is this: how do I get more money to help myself and the team without killing any minions? Am I completely at the mercy of a random ADC? I usually go for The Ancient Coin as my startup, too, so I have a little money buff in the beginning. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to some thoughts and respectful discussion on the topic. ToxicThunder
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