A Follow-up on Qiyana

I need to make amends for a previous post I made for this champ. After playing a good amount of game if Qiyana and getting past her learning curve, I need to make a few corrections and confirm somethings. For context, I have been playing her both as Assassin in some games and Bruiser for the rest. 1) Riot calls her an assassin. She kinda is but really just play her as a bruiser. I've had more levels of success playing her with {{item:3078}} and {{item:3053}} than I did rushing for {{item:3147}} and {{item:3142}}. Duskblade and Youmuus aren’t bad items on her, but she is much more fun with a triforce being her first item. For runes, I use Conqueror, triumph, alacrity and coup de grace. Secondary runes being taste of blood and ravenous hunter. As for skills I max Q,W,E. 2) She doesnt have mana issues. I didn't think she had any to begin with, but after playing her a lot more, I simply do not have any mana issues. 3) Her clearing is ok. It definitely helps to have {{item:3077}} but for the most part her clearing is fine. Especially when you have your W active and auto attacking with her passive. 4) Her ult is SOOOO STRONK. It felt pretty underwhelming at first. I would sometimes use it at a wall that I didnt mean to use it on since I wasnt used to it's big ass radius. Over time, however, for an assassin this ult is so damn good. Funny enough so far every time I have a gnar on my team I'd win my games because the Gnar+Qiyana R special is a wombo combo that never gets old. 5) One problem I do have is her short-trading in lane. Her Q, even with her W active, just sucks. If she was meant to be an assassin, her burst potential in short trades is supposed to be at least decent. Just look at Talon and Zed. It's nothing huge but is should be something Riot should look into. 6) Qiyana sorta feels like a jack-of-all trades but a master of none kind of champ. She has so much going for her in her kit that it might be hurting her for now or later. TLDR: Overall, I'm having fun with this champ. Has a high as fuck mastery curve. I highly suggest you guys to give her a chance now and get used to her before Riot makes some changes on her. Bu dont pick this champion up in ranked. Please. At least not until she gets some changes in the near future.
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