Moody P, here are the statistic of Top lane Bruiser AKA supposed to be suffering against ranged...

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Champion Winrate Pickrate {{champion:92}} 53.71% 12.32% {{champion:83}} 52.92% 7.99% {{champion:24}} 52.30% 8.19% {{champion:2}} 52.26% 3.16% {{champion:240}} 51.55% 4.42% {{champion:39}} 50.17% 11.54% Meanwhile, {{champion:126}} 50.47% 12.41% {{champion:8}} 49.56% 11.85% {{champion:85}} 50.19% 3.05% {{champion:17}} 49.40% 3.11% {{champion:112}} 47.41% 3.29% You said that Tanks are the only champions that can go against those champion? {{champion:14}} 49.12% 3.06% {{champion:54}} 49.00% 2.68% {{champion:516}} 48.63% 2.83% {{champion:57}} 48.57% 0.79% You want to know why those tanks stats are low? Juggernaut counters tanks, Conqueror counters tanks which can be abused by any bruiser, You complained that Juggernaut can only go top, Well Malphite can only go top, Ornn can only go top, Maokai can only go top because his jungling was gutted, Sion can barely jungle against those aggressive jungler. Neeko can finally go to another lane besides Mid, everyone fucking flips the table and wants Neeko gutted. Seriously? Viktor is a good example, he was one of the weakest Mid laner like Neeko back then, someone found a way to finally make him viable in a lane. He went top and was finally a champion. a couple of patch later, he gets absolutely gutted destroyed. Now he can't go Mid because he is way way too weak for mid lane dominated by ASSASSINS on 8 of 10 top champions mid are assassins. Here are the Stats for Mid. Champions Winrate Pickrate {{champion:38}} 51.67% 9.00% Anti-Mage/Assassin {{champion:238}} 51.51% 13.00% Assassin {{champion:142}} 50.51% 12.48% Burst Mage/Artillery {{champion:127}} 50.90% 12.67% Control Mage/Burst Mage {{champion:7}} 49.48% 12.13% Assassin {{champion:55}} 51.90% 6.09% Assassin {{champion:103}} 51.61% 6.59% Assassin {{champion:105}} 51.39% 4.88% Assassin {{champion:91}} 50.88% 6.37% Assassin {{champion:90}} 51.09% 5.10% Control Mage MEANWHILE NEEKO and VIKTOR MID: {{champion:112}} 46.98% 3.92% {{champion:518}} 47.00% 0.83% Are they even champions? This is what happen when you gut waveclear for mages, because now they can't play safe anymore. On the topic of Lissandra while we are at it. LS even said it: Lissandra is strong because MAGES who used to be able to deal with her are WEAK. There is too much Assassins Mid that destroys those mages. Lissandra and Malzahar have in their kit a GTFOFF me button. And because Liss especially can abuse aftershock and make every trade a favorable trade. Penetration damage is too damn high, Zhonya SUCKS, waveclears sucks, AP is too low, went from 1k AP to abysmal 400-500 AP per matches AP ratios are too low,
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