Can Renekton get some tweaking?

He's so anti-fun to play against. He has a metric shit-ton of healing due to Conq and his Q. Literally goes into a minion wave, presses Q, back to full health from half. His double dashes gives him a get out of jail free card and an easy all in. And his W's stun basically lets his entire combo go out on you with no counterplay. He's also one of the heavy Spear abusers. Could he PLEASE have some tweaking? Him and Jax are some of the most steamrolly champs on the planet that take literally no thoughts to play. I literally first timed Renekton against a counter and he's so ridiculously easy that there's no downsides to playing him. If he was a bit squishier it'd make sense, but right now he's basically a juggernaut with mobility.
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