Matchmaking Broken

Ever since I played season 9, the ranks appear to be messed up. I try not to blame my team in every loss, but recently I've been losing because people one division lower are placed on my team. On, it clearly shows that about 4/5 games that I lose have a gold player on my team in my high plat games against plat and diamond players. Obviously, they go 2/9 in lane. Some even AFK from being stomped too hard in lane. Occasionally I do get a gold player on the enemy team and we of course stomp that team. Why is matchmaking so broken? I shouldn't have to say "thank God" when I see that everyone on my team is the same rank as the enemy team; equitable matchmaking should be a given. It's not even 50/50 that a team gets a gold player. Through my losses, it seems like the gold players are always on my team. Is that a result of my MMR?
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