6.9 Cassiopeia Observations

Patch 6.9 notes
Malzahar faces a constant dilemma: never use his abilities in lane or push constantly. This playstyle causes Malzahar to be very binary and non interactive; either he has enough AP to drop his spells on a wave and leave lane or he slowly pushes out, leaving him exposed to constant ganks.
Just an open thread to document things you may notice off-balance/out of whack. My observations: Q: Damage is fairly low at early/midgame levels and cooldown is just a little too long. I understand utilizing this as an amplification spell. **_Autocast up to max range (like Karthus) was removed and I recommend bringing it back._** W: I actually really enjoyed using W with the exception that it always casted **beyond the range indicator.** Most likely a bug. But I **LOVED** being able to slow people who chase my team (like anivia's wall). Damage is pretty low. Definitely more of a utility spell now.** _This is another great spell where I would like to be able to autocast up to max range._** E: Effective but the current balance state puts the majority of the damage output on twin fang. With a .75 CD it doesn't do the skill any justice, .5 I could see being more beneficial. Having the majority of the damage output on Twin fang makes Cassiopeia feel like a 1 dimensional spam champ still.... R: No observations. I also run oom pretty quick. Makes her a great candidate for tear but I don't think the balance is there yet for expenditure vs damage output. At max level all these skills seem more impactful and actually do a fantastic amount of damage. Buffs to early skirmishing/mid-game are needed imo. Feel free to agree or disagree - personally I would like to know the thoughts of the community on her new balance state.

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