The Problem with Current Balancing

OK we all like a moan about the current state of balance of the game. We always have. It's part of the game and culture now. However, I'd like to talk about {{champion:24}} He's a prime example of where the balance team are going wrong. With his hybrid damage and huge attack speed, he naturally gains as much if not more benefit than any other champion from the broken rune: Conqueror. It just gives him so much. Couple this in with what is STILL in my opinion and underrated and broken item {{item:3078}} and the current pain {{item:3508}} (which is getting moved to the new item). Now then, everyone claims Jax is broken. He is not. I have mained Jax since the start of S3 and can assure you, he is actually in a weak spot now. It's just once he gets conqueror, Trinity and Essence Reaver, he can turn into a monster. SImilar to when they initially reworked {{item:3124}} he was absolutely unstoppable then because of how broken the item was on him. Want evidence that Jax is weak? I have always loved playing Jax in quirky ways such as AP Bruiser, AP-on hit, full life steal etc etc. He is absolutely dog crap with anything other than a "meta build" now. Try getting Nashors and Gunblade on Jax now - you will get destroyed. Essence reaver, god - it's URF in a item. Stupid, stupid stupid. Basically, I have gone from being able to pick between a huge amount of runes and masteries AND items to having to get the same stuff every game because that is what makes Jax strong. YAWN.
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