Pyke has insane base stats for an assassin

Pyke is getting a lot of very deserved hate currently, but in all the posts about him I think I have yet to see anyone mention his ridiculous base stats, which is in my opinion a very good first step to nerfing him. Let's see: {{champion:555}} has 600 base health at level 1; 8th highest, and tied with {{champion:79}}, {{champion:10}} and fricking {{champion:223}}. Yes, I'm not kidding, {{champion:555}} has as much lvl 1 base health as {{champion:223}}. Not only that, {{champion:555}} has a huge 2300 base health at level 18; 3rd highest, and once again tied with {{champion:223}}. So {{champion:555}} literally has as much health as a tank, and in fact he has more health than most if not all _actual_tanks, including champs like {{champion:516}}, {{champion:113}} or {{champion:154}}. {{champion:555}} has 45 base armour at level 1; 2nd highest after {{champion:201}}, {{champion:89}} and {{champion:223}}. Yes, he actually has more base armour than most tanks at level 1. Crazy right? Well... {{champion:555}} has 130 armour at level 18. 130. Highest base armour in the entire game, and by a long shot. The 2nd highest is {{champion:201}} with 115. And just to drive the point home: when you think of anti-AD, armour stacking champions, you think of {{champion:54}} or {{champion:33}}, right? Nope, {{champion:555}} has more base armour than both of them, and more health too. {{champion:555}} has actually a fairly standard 32 base magic resist at level 1. However, at level 18 his base magic resist is 57.5; 3rd highest behind {{champion:91}} and {{champion:84}}. Yep, again {{champion:555}} has more base magic resist than your go-to anti-magic champions like {{champion:3}} or even {{champion:38}}. So yes, I could go on, but most of his other stats are actually fairly reasonable. Have a look for yourself. Anyway, back to my point: {{champion:555}} has absolutely insanely ridiculous base stats, for no clear reason. He's incredibly frustratingly hard to pin down and focus between his dash-stun and his invis-move-speed-boost-sustain. And even if you do manage to focus him, his insane base stats make it very difficult. An already slippery assassin is literally more tanky than actual tanks, who are pretty much just punching bags. {{champion:555}} has everything you could want in an assassin: incredible sustain, superb mobility, very good damage, great CC, and a resettable AoE execute with extra gold generation for better snowballing. What can't he do? And before you say "you're just jumping on the Pyke-hate bandwagon cuz he just got a skin", I've always hated him, right from release. He is literally just a champion made for support players who is actually capable of getting pentakills. A lazy, sloppy mess, only made for sick highlights YouTube channels and that's literally it. "Here, have some easy pentakills for your stream highlights". So yeah, not like Riot is going to give a damn about this, but Pyke's stats are way too high and no one seems to notice.
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