Who should be nerfed?: Riven Or Yasuo

I'm just going to start this one off by saying these two champions tilt me more than Illaoi support, assassin twitch, and Diana. Yasuo and Riven are two champions that I have been banning for all of my ranked games, and I can't take it anymore. Every game I have to ban yasuo knowing that the enemy players would pick him if I didn't, and when I do, they always have a Riven on their team instead. Frankly, I didn't really mind Riven as much until I realized about the One-Shotting capabilities of her ultimate move followed by her stun. Story Of Riven: While playing Kog'Maw botlane, I noticed how fried our Ekko was getting from the enemy Riven, and I thought, "It's okay, we can always fight a Riven together." Big mistake. First teamfight goes by, and all Riven does is ult, flash to me, stun me, and then ults to get an instant-kill on me. I thought it was just a one-time thing, until she was doing it every fight. Even while I had flash, I flashed away, and she had a recovering dash, q hopper, and a flash to catch up to me in case those don't get me in time. We were at a balanced match until Riven came, she shredded through all of our armor and then ended the game with 24 kills under her belt. I find that extremely annoying when I'm trying to play hard to get promotionals. Not only that, but her shield was the size of a quarter of her health, and followed by her lethality and black cleaver, she tore through us while juking all of our attacks. Story Of Yasuo: When I got into one ranked game, I typed in chat, "I really want to ban yasuo, but I also want to ban Diana as well". My team pressured me into banning Yasuo, while one player who was gold said, and I quote, "People see Yasuo like a God in game, when really there's nothing to worry about. He's just a champion and he cannot waste us if we play hard together." Push comes to shove, the enemy team chooses Yasuo as one of their players top, and the gold player was wasted from his fights with him. By the end of it, Yasuo made our entire team salty, which promoted our game to a big loss afterwards. This isn't fun, League Of Legends isn't fun with these two, and while it's a one in a million chance of getting them on the enemy team, it still doesn't hide the fact that they can't be killed WHEN they're on their team. I know that this chat will get maybe one comment, two comments tops, but I really want Riot to do something. But they won't, they'll keep them the same for eternity, anyways, who do you think deserves a nerf if they give one? Yasuo or Riven? {{champion:157}} Or {{champion:92}}
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