Are there enough anti-ranged champions/mechanics?

As it seems to me, melees get bullied very easily. Kennen bullies melees, Jayce, Vlad, Teemo, Urgot, Pantheon, Darius, Tahm, Renekton, Aatrox(melees who are anti-melee), mages bully melees both mid and bot. Zed is melee who bullies other melees with ranged abilities. ADCs with enough peel are nearly untouchable by assassins/divers in teamfights. Ranged top are really safe, mages, depending on range, are safe in laning phase and most are safe in teamfights. Divers and juggernauts suck late game, assassins suck late game, while mages are strong early, mid and amazing late. I don't think ranged champions or melees with mostly ranged abilities have enough counter-match-ups.
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