Unpopular opinion : If laner dies, it is often their jungle's fault.

This is a lessons for thoses jungle main that throw responsability for death to their laner. There are a few reasons why a laner dies and only one of them is 100% their fault - Geeting baited and dying. that's it. that's all of it, you wanna know all the other reasons to die in lane ? - over extend...... you know what , i'm first going to explain what is the jungler's role. why do we have a jungler at all ? the reason is : "unpredictable danger". What makes a jungler being useful is that he can stop the enemy from taking action with "unconsiderate thinking". the calculation should be "there is 50% their jungler is ready to gank my lane, and i can kill my opponent, but in 2v1 i will probably also die and give a nasty interruption, it's therefore not worth being agressive now" Lane pressure is something that is huge. a jungler that ganks a lot create a lot of lane pressure, this allow his laners to safely earn more gold. If you don't gank a certain lane, you change that probability, and that have a negative impact on your laners. so what a jungler can do ? farming gold in the jungle, Ganking a lane Counterganking a lane. Getting objectives counter jungling. Counterganks are a very effective strategy against another junglers, this allows you to reduce the other jungler's impact and overall balances the lane pressure. The only time you can countergank and will not is when an objective like a turret or an epic monster is available. because you would use the jungler's gank as a distraction to get something better. Counterjungling is the most effective of all. because not only are you reducing enemy jungler's pressure, but you also get gold yourself. but to counterjungler you have to gain lane pressure so you can safely go in enemy jungle without enemy laner able to retaliate So to counterjungle you have to gank. Jungle is all about lane pressure, that's why this role is so hard if you do not contribute to lane pressure , if you have no reason what so ever, then you are doing a huge mistake (a reason is almost always somthing like : a gank is worth nothing , the other laner is maokai, and my laner is nautilus, ganking will not change pressure.) Your jungle camps do respawn, and won't die if you are not killing them (unless someone kill them for you) The HUGE majority of the time, when a lane is loosing, it's because the laner lost pressure and he is slowly getting pushed out of the lane, so he can't build damages/tankyness due to lack of gold, so he loose more pressure, so he is getting pushed out of the lane , loosing Hp due to poke, until the moment he DIES because he is trying to not die. You have to gank that lane BEFORE he goes 0/25/0 that mean use your vision and especially YOUR CAMERA, watch your laner's hp and also enemy laner's. this gives you the most information about lane pressure. But also watch minions. If your laner is under his tower, has 25% hp and enemy has 50% hp and you don't gank you are doing a huge mistake but an even worse one is when your laner has 20% hp and enemy has near 100% hp and you are not ganking because that will mean your laner will die, yet i guess that gromp is better than not giving enemy 300 gold or a turret. The only time you should be doing your camp is when your laners have an EVEN pressure or all your lanes have an ADVANTAGE. is that case you should be mirroring enemy jungler's movement so you countergank. About 80% of death are due to loss of pressure and could be avoided by a simple gank, sometimes even just showing yourself around is sufficient. When i play jungler i NEVER get that problem of people blaming on me that i never gank Why ? because i do gank i do make sure the enemy jungler does not become too much of a problem however, i don't want to be a jungler i want to be a midlaner, once and for all, i want that junglers understand that lane pressure is often 90% THEIR job, and if i die due to lane pressure and they decided that gromp was better than a gank to put me back on track they are the problem. ---------------------------------------- side note for you jungle folks : you cannot say "she is too fed , i can't gank now" because if she got fed,most of the time you have something to do with it (yeah you know , not understanding jungler's role and thinking you are here to have a smite, and not here to make a difference in lane pressure) when that happen ask your midlaner to help and go 1v3 on her lane at least. edit 1: You don't have to be better than anyone else than the enemy meaning lowering enemy income is AS VIABLE as increasing yours And if the time you use to clean your camp for 160 gold is as long as the one required for stopping enemy from getting 300 gold and you still think the camp is worth it, i don't know what to do with you edit 1.1: Wow this got downvoted to oblivion , thx bots.
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