@RiotRepertoir, can we do something about TALON?

I know Talon is probably one of the least topics the balance team likes to talk about. But can we for the love of god fix his bugs? * His [Q] range after the rework is supposed to be 550, but in game it's 450 and that's a huge {nerf} to his role as an assassin with {reliable gap-closer}. * His short-ranged [crit-Q] applies in a longer range than it's supposed to be {it's supposed to crit at 170 range, but it applies at 180-190}, so the hope of chasing an enemy is lost many times. * His [E] has been bugged since his Rework release, it backflips him when used on certain terrains, and this patch specifically the [E] jump is getting more buggy even when using it properly. The latter are the bugs that impact in-game experience and sometimes loses you a trade or a team-fight, and you know how critical one should be this season in order to win the game, such out of hand mistakes gives huge disadvantages for you and the team, which results in a higher chance for you to lose the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since I've listed the bugs that make Talon feel awkward and harder to play, he still has few problems that if fixed would make his gameplay experience much more fun and reliable as assassin. * Revert/rework his [W]. his old Rake [W] had a 2 seconds slow that applied on both parts of the ability, was faster and wider, the new one is longer but easily dodged, is narrower which makes it easier to dodge, and applies a 1 second slow only on the returning blade + it deals more damage on the second part. why don't we give him the slow on the first part of the [W]? * Talon can't cast [Q] and [W] mid-air [E], but can cast [R] and when it's done it sends him in a backward motion even when you're about to land. I would like to know why cant he cast at least his [Q] while jumping ? it makes absolute sense for him to be able to use it, doesnt he jump with the [Q] to begin with? * Give him an additional 50 range on his [Q] to be 600 range. * and his major problem is not the damage, but where it all lies. You've given him a rework that's supposed to be fun to play, but put most of his damage in his passive, and AGAIN, it's an Auto-attack reliant passive. You gave him raw damage, nothing more, not % hp damage, not even grievous wounds on his bleed. You wanted Talon to become a single target assassin, but he used to be that with his old [E] damage amplifier. now he lost the [15% damage amplifier], and a lot of damage in his [W] and [Q, used to fully crit], and all was shifted to his new passive. If you feel like fixing his bugs + giving hims some QoL buffs would make him overpowered, then he should definitely be reverted like Rengar and Leblanc.
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