Unpopular Opinon: Assassins are ONLY fun for the people playing them

Riot says repeatedly that it wants to make the game "fun for everyone". That is common sense, that makes for a good audience. However the vast majority of assassins, fighters and bruisers are ONLY fun for the people playing them. Most of these champions have no resources so can endlessly spam their abilities (which are not weaker to compensate for the ease of access). This is the root cause of the problems with the game. There is TOO MUCH DAMAGE and Riot refuses to do anything about it. I don't want to play Street Fighter or Fornite or any other dumb action game that current kids play. I want to play League, as it was in the past. This is why Riot will never release a "Classic" version of League because they know if they do, more people would flock to it because it would be 20 times more balanced then what we have now. Sure, old League had problems but they were nowhere near as immediate and "in your face" as they are now. I commend Blizzard for actually doing this with WoW because it shows that a lot of players want League to return to the simpler times without champions that can do everything or have no cost. Everything should have a trade off... its simple GOOD game design. I am unsure Riot, with all the years of experience is unable to understand this. Guess they are too busy farting in their employees faces...
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