"Ranked is about skill and not at all a coinflip"

First game is a 25 kill Vayne top who carries us so hard half of us could have afk'd and they were so damn good and so positive despite our mid and jungling arguing with each other so hard they would die standing still in the middle of lanes multiple times. STILL they were super nice and positive and hard carried us. Very next game we have 2/11 Vayne with 2 accidental kills cause of the Automatic auto attacking they still had turned on as they come mid at 5 mids to troll, flaming their support, and "split push" and spam surrender on cooldown while mocking us about trolling in the lobby after the game. Ranked is literally a coin flip. You either get the nicest hard carry Vayne or the hard flaming troll who ints to make their support angry.
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