Tryndamere Rework/ Buff suggestions

I get that a lot of the balancing and changes that happen, are to better the higher level scene than bronze and silver, which has lead to this situation, where some champs have gotten multiple reworks whereas champions like Tryn have remained mostly unchanged since season 1 aside from damage numbers, cool downs, and bug fixes, no real reworks to change how he plays. At this point in time he nips at the heels of the people who can do what he does better, being Yasuo, Riven, and even Olaf. I personally love the champion, however he really doesn’t seem to have a place in league of legends currently. This isn’t due to him being such a simple champion, because you have people like Vi, Yi, and Vayne who are just as, if not more mechanically simple than Tryn is, and are multiple times more effective than he is. The sad truth is that he suffers from nerfs to his kit that aren’t even aimed at him. So my idea is to take the champion in a new direction, whilst still maintaining the overall concept of the champion intact. Currently it’s difficult to have an Assassin who mains as a laner in such a fashion that Tryndamere functions, as he is fighter **Suggestion #1** I suggest a scaling movement speed buff to Tryndamere’s passive that scales off of his amount of rage that tryndamere has. Likely being a .025% to start per a point of rage then a 0.05% at level 6 and then 0.075% at level 11 and then .1% at level 16, or maybe even .03/.06/.09/0.12 per a point of rage. This will effectively make him much less kite-able, once he has already engaged in combat, as well as speed up his jungle clear speed and make him an overall more effective champion all together. This additionally would make him far more dangerous to try and trade with others during the laning phase, as he’d be able to run in and out of engages much more easily early game while nobody has no items as well as explosively more mobile later into the game. Making him a much more effective split pusher, giving quite a sizable boost to his late game mobility and create more of a niche with his character game play, granting more mobility that’ll make him more of an Assassin. Currently he fails as an Assassin, as his current kit makes him much more of a brawler/fighter which his stats don’t currently support. This effectively allows him to chase down people who stay in too long against him. It would even enhance his ability to tower dive, as he’d be able to get in and out of turret range much more easily. This would also increase his ganking power tremendously, as instead of having to use hard CC like a lot of Junglers do, he would then be unique in the fact that he can simply run them down with soft CC and slap them across the face if he has rage before entering and uses his shout to slow them down. This applies both if he’s in the lane and in the jungle. Which can actually be completely nullified by people like Mordekaiser who can completely upset ganks like that. This would also potentially turn him into a someone with kiting potential, as his current main usage late game is split pushing, which he can’t really compete with many of the other split pushers such as Yorick or even Neeko. This would offer him the ability to pull out from fights that he can’t win, much more easily than others, cause without any sort of movement speed item with max rage at level 16 he’d be around 380 or 387 movement speed, which with a zeal item and no boots it’d be around 400 or so. This isn’t particularly game breaking, as it can be shut down by CC still. However he would be able to somewhat outspeed people at times, Also it makes it far more dangerous for someone to get caught in his Defiant Shout if they’re trying to escape from a prolonged engage, as the effective change in the gap between the two champion’s movement speed would be much larger, and he’d be able to run them down. This would make his shout a much more valued part of his kit, rather than just being an extra ability that he has with little usage in most scenarios. **Suggestion #2 ** Additionally another buff that I would like to propose is adding a conditional cleanse effect to his heal, being that he completely dies to most any form of CC. However the condition that I’m proposing is that if he has full rage, and he uses his heal, then he gets the cleanse effect. This is similar to how Rengar can gain a cleanse effect with his empowered Battle Roar, however he effectively needs to luhuheave the encounter after blowing that as he no longer has any stacks after using it. Trynd would similarly most likely have to leave the encounter, as he would no longer have his increased crit chance or nearly as much of his bonus AD from the passive of bloodlust. There’d be ways to play around with this ability such as using the heal, and then activating his ult, so that then he can dive into the team fight after absorbing the CC like a tank, and cleanse all of it off of himself and function as an actual Assassin within the team fight. This would still keep his weakness to CC being a very real threat, however he would have a response and more of repertoire that would allow for a higher skill cap with the champion as he’d have abilities that require good activation timing, meaning they need to decide if it’s good to heal prematurely without full rage or get the full heal and get his cleanse effect. I get that I just said that his movement speed buff could be stopped by CC, and now I’m proposing a cleanse effect on the champion, however he’d need to burn all of his bonus movement speed and start building up rage again. This would allow him answers to thinks like kiting and CC, similar to how Darius has an answer to kiting with his pull. **Summary of the buff** So Tryndamere with these would become far more relevant within the landscape of league of legends. This would make him much more of an actual Assassin and fighter, as he’d be able to run up on people, chase people who have engaged him for too long, run up people on lane for potential ganks, split push more effectively, and even have way more potential for team fighting. As Trynd would be pushing through lanes with much more speed than other Split pushers, and if the enemy team tries to collapse on him, he skedaddles out of there with his spin and movement speed buff. Or even try to take the ADC and enemy jungler with him in the end. It would give him a place on the map as opposed to being regulated to the shadows as someone who used to be good, but then champions came out that do what he does better. It would give him some viability. Not instantly gamebreaking and not just cleaning him up so that he looks like he belongs with like he was in 9.12, but fitting him more into the meta, into the Assassin archetype while remaining true to his backstory as the unstoppable Barbarian King. I get that if a marginal percentage of the players actually play a champion, there’s no real need to buff or nerf or even rework. But there’s an undeniable problem as he is becoming much less than relevant, as he’s slipping into being borderline nonexistent within the world of league of legends. He needs a rework that will make him at least an option to play well in games are above having no knowledge about the champion in the game. How he wins games most of the time is people not knowing how to deal with him, however in a game where people actually have abilities to deal with him, he gets completely dumpstered. On the other hand though I understand that it might be hard to balance a champion like him to being more relevant in higher tiers of play, without making him entirely dominant in lower tiers of play. Which is why I suggested the buffs that I did, because they are not inherently strong, sure a cleanse and more movement speed would be valuable assets to be added to his kit. This does actually balance out well, since whoever plays him to still need the ability to discern the situations that he is able to engage in and win. It’s a similar reasoning to why Gangplank is terrifying in places like challenger, but abysmal in places like bronze. He would still remain an easy champion as his core mechanics would function the same, but instead these buffs would simply allow for higher levels of play with the game. Finally as earlier stated, it still stays true to the core of his champion, both mechanically and lore wise. Anyways I hope that you all taken what I have said into consideration, and will think about reworking Tryndamere to some capacity that allows him to actually be more of an effective champion.
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