Botlane needs a nerf.

And the reason is because there are two people. When that lane loses, two people lose. And thats why i want to be those champs to count as 1. To be clear, when i win my midlane 3/0, i dont want my garbage botlane to be 0/6 just because there are two players, but also 0/3. because there are two players that means that they they always lose twice as hard as everyone else can win. So, you need to reduce the impact of a overly fed OR Trash botlane. however i have no clue what would be the best approach, but making them worth 150gold in the first 10 mins would be nice. that way other lanes have a chance of winning without being forced to roam always bot, or help that garbage botlane just because its too impactful when they lose.
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