The current Matckmaking hurts the competitive aspect and the quality of ranked games .

i will go straight to the root of the issue that causes such a negative impact on competitiveness , quality of games , and frustration . Players are not equally allocated in the two teams , it results on games that are not fun to play bc you are mostly likely to lose or win just based on which team has the most secondary role / autofills . This is not competitive , most of these games are stomps , and it create frustration for the player . Exemple : You are a main top playing against another main top with equal skill , you are even on top lane ( both 0/0/0 with same farm approx ) . But one of the two will win bc his bot lane destroyed the other autofilled ad , or the main jungle hard outjungled your secondary role/autofilled jungler . It doesn't hurt your win rate that much since "next" game will be for your favor and you will win bc you will be on the other side . It doesn't happen 100% of the time , but when it happens we play games that are no matchs ( the game won't be close , it won't be interesting at all ) . League is a team based game right ? lets make a quick analogy , a group of persons want to play a soccer game . one side everybody are pros with just one amateur ; the other side one pro , two paraplegics , and some amateurs . Guess who will win this, is this game balanced ? where is the fun in that . For the same reasons leagues games needs to be balanced . So I suggest a few changes to the current matchmaking . **1. Autofill equality .** When autofill procs , the two team get the same number of autofill and at the same autofilled role . So if there are two autofill needed and we need top laners , we will have a " balanced " top lane where the two players won't get the frustration of getting hard stomped since they are against someone who doesn't main this role either . And because of this balance , no team will feel like they have a big burden to carry bc their autofilled fed that main riven . **2.Best roles for everyone . ** Some players only perform very well at only one role , some are very good at three roles . How does the system can fill everyone properly , and an algorithm would be too hard to apply for this . So , why not let players have a pre set message that tells their strength and weaknesses : " Pref Mid / top and jungle too , but can't play bot lane " And the option to tell their win rate for each position according to the client's data . Also this brings back communication in champion select , with assigned roles and bans nobody really talks in champ select like before . The lack of communication makes the game feel very antisocial . Preset message for everyone to discuss whats the best way to go for victory can't be bad .

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