The Fiora Rework killed Fiora. It killed E-sports forever. RIP Fiora...

RIP E-sports. You will be missed. I think the Fiora rework made competitive gaming sour for everyone who is serious about it. RIP Fiora... Your ultimate was amazing. You were the greatest champion of all time. Your double lunge and level 1 pentakills will be missed. Your speed at breaking turrets was second to none. Since Riot kidnapped the real champ and replaced her with a clone who plays nothing like her with the same name I have cried the tears that make the river of summoners rift. But the river will not bring Fiora back from the dead. Only callous computer programmers can. And I don't see that happening any time soon considering how pompous they are. They don't care about Fiora... Nobody does but me. You can talk about her to people who actually play the game instead of frequent the message boards instead all day. They say they are sad for her loss. I am so sad I cry every day. I wish crying could bring her back.
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