What is the counterplay to the upcoming Malphite?

I'm reading through PBE notes on the upcoming Malphite changes, and something sticks out like a sore thumb: Q no longer steals movement speed, but rather applies a 20-40% while speeding Malphite up 20-40%. That's actually more powerful, because the stolen movement speed was not % boosted. When you add the two forces together, it's about an 80% effective slow that lasts 3 seconds.... and gets down to a 4.4 second cooldown........ Coupled with his W change, that basically means he's guaranteed to get off all 6 seconds of waves of his new "built in" Titanic Hydra. This kind of looks like a pre-loaded Nasus kit with a much larger range, and an unstoppable ult that can almost ensure a 1 shot on its own..... And really.... the only thing that truly counters that is {{champion:11}} , except Malphite can actually knock up and defeat Yi. If you try to dash out, you're still in range of his next Q. If you try to engage, you die. If you try to orb, you still die. (P.S. I know people are going to say "Mages Mages Mages" but over time Mages have only proved about half effective because of his shield and ult. It's a solution, but it's not an actual counter)
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