Could Pyke get some Quality of Life changes?

I'm a huge Pyke fan (recently got m6) but there are some things about his kit that I find irritating, and that should be changed. 1. His Q should be more like Varus Q. With Varus Q, if it expires before he casts it, the cooldown is reduced a bit, and some of the mana is refunded. However, with Pyke Q, that might make him a bit too strong in lane, so increase his Q cooldown early and keep the cooldown refresh the same at all levels. 2. His W should have an animation. With Twitch Q, it has an animation, and with his Q if you time it well you can recall in Q. Maybe a short animation, but something to reward the good players. Anyways, these are just some changes that would make playing Pyke feel a lot better.
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