So....screw Zed

Ok, so, there are changes for 9.4 for Zed: Basically, it makes his late-game a bit weaker while making his early game stronger and safer, not like it wasn't one of the safest anyway. Before people cry "but Zed is weak", he currently sits at 10% play rate with 52% wr in D+, with, depending on tracking site, a 57% wr in M+ with a quite health play rate of 9%. His early game was already strong and safe, so they buffed it. Yes, yes, yes, I get it, with the nerfs to his R passive he loses a wooping 30 AD late-game, unless there's a Djin in the enemy team, but if they wanted to nerf his late-game, why did they had to buff his early game so much? Zed's late-game win rate was over 55%, even reaching 100% if the game goes 50+ mins (the fact that that is tracket means there are games that went so far, and Zed won them all), so them wanting to lower it is indeed something good, but....he didn't need such compensation buffs right away before even seeing how the nerf will impact him. What happened to the new mentality of "we will first nerf and see how it goes, and if it needs some power back, it will be added somewhere else in the kit" approach that they have done recently? Oh wait, I forgot the mantra of the boards, "even Faker said Zed is weak".
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