Why did Camille get put top only?

I honestly am curious as to why they just don't want her in jungle. Reading the patch notes they were saying they basically want her top lane and not S-tier in jungle... but who cares if she's good in jungle? There are other S-tier characters. I feel like every time I find a character I enjoy in a particular role they do something that makes them non viable in it because they want to force us to play that character in the role THEY want instead. It's killing my desire to play. If people enjoy a character in a role, and that character is good there. Why not just let it stay there so people can continue to enjoy their character in their preferred role? I've never made it to high ELO only silver but watching most games diamond and higher I don't see Camille picked that much and if she is it's in top lane most of the time. My roommate was mentioning how he misses the old days when you could play what you wanted where. I understand there needs to be structure but if other S-Tier characters can exist in a role why not let her? Maybe I am just missing something but I'm really disappointed because I fell in love with the character and purchased her for jungle since Warwick is lack luster now and I don't top lane only to find out that she would struggle in jungle now. Who knows, maybe I won't struggle with the changes in the long run since I rarely ever used her hook on jungle minions anyways. She does't really need it as long as she gets a good leash at the start. I was just disappointed was all.
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