Passive Summoner Spells, and other things

Might be very helpful to consider for the support rework. A few ideas: Perhaps a 3-4 minute CD summoner that can be consumed to place a fully functional vision ward, and the passive could be either an extra 30-60 second duration on wards placed, or the maximum increased from 3 to 4-5 (based on level?) could be considered. Another idea I came up with, which is actually related to another balance theme that I would like to see introduced - which has been used successfully by many others - is negative passives/stats. What better way to gut assassin-tanks, then with negative stats? DMP could lower attack speed, Randouins could lower AD, AP, and crit chance. Similarly, {{summoner:4}} could lower movement speed by a marginal amount. This would not need to be applied to offensive items, as we do not really have the same problems in that regard. Juggernauts are meant to have damage through their base values, with maybe marginal scaling from a couple offensive items, but that makes it very tricky to itemize for them - a class that is supposed to excel in damage and survivability. Juggernauts have been given very versatile items that are utilized by assassins, with very damaging kits without much itemization, to mitigate essentially weaknesses that assassins are intended to have to leave the possibility for counterplay. Solution as I see it, is introduce negative stats to commonly (or possibly) abused items that target the strengths of the class most prone to abuse them. Negative armor pen/magic pen, %AD and AP reduction (outside of base damages), lowered attack speed, there are many possibilities. In this case, tank items can be kept strong as intended for champions that scale specifically from defensive stats. I am particularly compelled by the %AD and %AP damage and %Attack speed reduction. In particular, I think raising the %AD ratio penalty and applying it to bonus AD would be most appropriate. In such cases the juggernaut interactions with {{item:3078}} and {{item:3053}} are preserved. Perhaps in such a case as with {{item:3053}}, the base damage can be increased in favor of a hefty percentage of %bonus AD. As juggernauts tend to purchase damage items for their passives - like lifesteal, cooldown reduction, and even actives - the penalty on raw damage would not be as detrimental to them as it would be to champions intended to glass cannon without notable survivability outside of kiting and simply outdamaging their opponents. So I really went off on a tangent there but I'm tired.
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