Given to Yasuo, on a Silver Platter

1) His Ult makes him go out of turret range, and reduces skill expression on Yasuo's part. 2) His W starts off from him and goes forward instead of starting out from few steps away from him and staying in one place. The advantage of this is that when Yasuo Ults you, and is right on top of you, he can still block your projectiles. 3) His E and walking around makes him charge a fk ton of shield. I ask again, for the love of God, isn't he cancer enough with his infinite mana, infinite blocking with his windwall and infinite dashes? Yh, i kinda exaggerated now and there but you get the point. He shouldn't be given advantages which involve no skill expression from Yasuo's part (player), especially when, how frustrating the rest of his kit is already. This is not a Yasuo OP hate thread which the intelligent would be able to see at first sight.

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