Can we get an option to not be matched with premade groups?

I want an option, like a checkbox or something, that will prevent me from getting matched with a premade group of 4 other people where im the only random in the team, I have literally only had negative experiences when matched with premades The match I was just forced to suffer through epitomizes this, I got mid in champ select and I chose brand, they were all trying to tell me to give their buddy brand as the support but I said no because I wanted to play him and hes my main. Because I didn't give up brand my entire team absolutely refused to help me whatsoever while harassing me and shit talking me the entire game. I was pinging for help because my bot lane lost hard so the enemy team sent their support mid to make mid a 2v1 and I was constantly pinging and they refused to ever come mid and every time i died they said something like "brand main huh, if you were good you wouldn't be dying" all while "enemy missing" pinging me, insulting me, and saying they hated me as a person so why would they ever help me or listen to me. Even near the end of the game our nexus was open and the enemy yasuo and a bunch of super minions and stuff were coming in the base, I was pinging for help like crazy trying to hold everything off but they refused to try to stop anything, but the very second I died they rushed in and took down yasuo and the minions. All because I didn't give up brand in the pre-game they made that game as much of a hell for me as they could. I want the option to never be matched with a full premade, I dont mind a duo at all but the second im matched with a 4 man group I never have a good game because they always go toxic and refuse to help the random and instead only help eachother out.
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