Old games and old runes were funnier and less problematic...

Now it's all finished in 10 min. You can't comeback or hardly. Farming worth less than killing. And people who farm and have kill get a big snowballing and it's horrible. Turrets are useless, they don't protect you. They give gold to enemy team and make the snowballing ever worse. Champs like {{champion:555}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:11}} can't be countered if your team feed them. It's horrible to play Janna support and see your mid laner is losing hard to Mordekaiser. But what you can do ? His ulti is so much cancer. And when he is feed, it's can't be countered. No matter how good i can play, i feel like the games are based on the "who have the less bad teammates win". Pyke should never have existed. Giving gold while killing... At this point, i wonder what the utility of {{champion:53}} ? When you have Pyke and Thresh who do the same job but better. Bliztcrank kit is useless if he can't grab while the 2 others can still do things. Thresh can protect his adc even if he is a true noob for the grabs. He is like tanky version of Blizt. Pyke can still replace his grab by a melee spell who deal dmg and still have high mobility and this ulti... This ulti is horrible. Offensive version of blizt. When i have a blizt support and they pick Thresh or Pyke, I cry. it's like playing 4 vs 5 because blizt is so noob. I mean the champ. Bliztcranks players are always kind and i would like to smile to them but their champ is obsolete. Blizt is countered by any tank supp, by Rakan, by Thresh and by Pyke and also Morgana. Even if i want to help my blizt supp by banning alistar or morgana, the enemy will always pick a counter to him and blizt will be useless because the whole purpose of the champ is grab or nothing. Let's go back to the topic, i'm not here to talk about blizt but about the entire game. ** 1) Since runes are reforged the game are less and less funny :** Before, you could decide what you wanted with runes : You wanted dmg ? You took dmg ! You wanted to be tanky ? You took armor or hp or magic resist. You wanted utilitary ? You could have gold runes and cdr runes ! You also had pen armor and pen resist magic. Now, everything is about dmg. And it's runes who are responsible for this. Let's see in detail the runes : https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/5/5b/Precision_Fleet_Footwork_Domination.png/revision/latest?cb=20180110212851 **PRECISION:** **Press the attack :** 8-11% more dmg on a target, it's pretty insane. **Lethal tempo :** Very powerful, you can ignore the attack speed cap which was impossible before. The as speed bonus is insane too. **Fleet Footwork :** The only balanced precision rune to me. That why she is never seen except on Caitlyn or Kai sa. **Conqueror :** True dmg are a problem if everyone can have acces to it. Tanks are getting rekted by this rune. **Triumph :** Based on killing someone. You get more gold so more snowballing. Should get nerfed. **Presence of mind :** It's like Triumph but this rune is worse. That why you pick Triumph and not Presence of mind. **Overheal :** The shield is too low to make this rune worthly. **Legend Alacrity :** Based on killing too. You gain more stack if you kill people, so it's make snowballing problem even worse. **Legend Tenacity :** The less problematic of these 3 because giving Tenacity isn't giving dmg. **Legend Bloodline :** Like Alacrity but this is less effective in early so it's less problematic. **Coup de grace :** An help to finish target behind 40% HP. Accentuate snowballing. **Cut down :** Only useful on adc and vs tanks or bruisers. **Last stand :** Humm, what the goal of this rune actually ? Making comeback ? Coup de grace is still better. So we have a lot of runes who are making "snowballing" horrible. Reward killing too much while it's not the branch of runes for rewarding killing ! It's Domination who should reward killing. Triumph and Legend Alacrity or Bloodine and Coup de Grace are a problem for the entire branch of runes. These runes are promotting killing and snowballing. Press the attack is like a support rune because you make someone vulnerable to 8-11% dmg from your entire team but it's also benefit for you. Conqueror give true dmg... Lethal tempo make champs like Twitch or Vayne completely broken. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/4/4f/Domination_Electrocute_Precision.png/revision/latest?cb=20180110211856 **DOMINATION :** **Electrocute :** Made for burst a target. **Predator :** To be mobile and burst **Dark Harvest :** Made for stacking kill and become more and more powerful. A rune made for mass killing too since the CD is refreshed if you or your team (assist) kill someone. Also for bursting. It's like Electrocute but apply only on champ below 50% health and can be stacked and refreshed. **Hail of Blade** : It's the cheap Lethal tempo of Domination. Don't have utility on most assassins since they use their spells and not their aa. Don't have utility on mages... On adc too because they have better runes to deal with. Don't benefit also on tanks. I don't understand the purpose of this rune. **Cheap shoot :** Also champ to deal true dmg with their CC. It's another case of true dmg that shouldn't be there. **Sudden impact :** Balanced rune, powerful in early, but useless in lategame. The player has to choose if he want a good early but a bad lategame or no. The only problem is the stacking with Lethality items. **Taste of blood :** The heal is so cheap... I dont understand who can use this rune properly ? The healing isn't worth the 2 others runes who are way better. Also it's funny because the 2 others runes have like 4s CD and this rune has 20s CD. **Eyeball collection :** Another case of stacking dmg by killing people. But i accept it better because it's on domination runes and not on precision. ** Ghost poro :** It's funny to see an utilitary rune on a branch where the dmg should be the whole purpose of it. Oh wait, it's still give you dmg and it's also a stacking dmg. ** Zombie ward :** Another support rune on this branch. Give you dmg also like Ghost poro and Eyeball collection. **Ravenous hunter :** What is the problem with the stacking thing ? There is stack on every runes wtf ! No wonder why Snowballing is so powerful. Your opponent get so many buffs on his runes when he kill you. It's stack and stack. Everyone have become NasusV2. Otherwise giving substain isn't a problem. **Ingenious Hunter :** CD are here for something. Reduce items CD is something very powerful. **Retentless Hunter :** Give MS boost out of fight. Seems not like a problem. **Ultimate Hunter :** CD are here for something. Having your utimate more often is something very strong. Looks like Dark Harvest, Cheap shoot, The stacking runes and Ingenious hunter or Ultimate hunter are the problem of Domination. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/1/14/Sorcery_splash_art.png/revision/latest?cb=20180110214536 **SORCERY :** **Summon Aery :** Made for supports and especially enchanters. Balanced. **Comet :** Made for poking mages and can be dogded. Balanced **Phase rush :** Made for.... Ryze ? Balanced maybe a little bit weak. **Nullifying orb : Why not ? It's not OP, it's balanced. **Manaflow band :** You have to poke to obtain your mana. Honestly it's fair. **Nimbus Cloak :** Hum, this rune can be very powerful on some champs. Careful with this rune. **Trancendence :** Fair rune, will give your CDR after 10 min and it's 10% only. Give you additional dmg if you excess the cap of CDR. They are more overpowered runes. **Celerity :** Seems fair but giving mobility is an dangerous thing on some champs. But i don't think Celerity is a problem. **Absolute focus :** Made for long ranged mage or long ranged adc who will keep their health above 70%. Fair but a little bit underpowered to other dmg runes like in Domination or Precision. **Scorch :** Made for poking. Nothing overpowered but the rune become pretty useless in lategame. Fortunatelly, the games are so fast that you won't reach lategame. **Waterwalking :** Hum, why this rune exist ? It's so useless. You can't use it on 3c3 or Aram. Except for making drake or Nashor/Herald, this rune is useless. You won't fight on river 24/24. Maybe the movespeed buff can help you to gank lanes like top or bot if you are mid lane but it's not very hum... attractive ? **Gathering Storm : A lategame rune oriented. Useless in actual meta because games are too fast. Sorcery runes aren't problematic compared to Precision or Domination. They seems balanced but weak because of the others runes who are sadly, better. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/7f/Resolve_splash_art.png/revision/latest?cb=20180110214519 **RESOLVE :** **Grasp of the undying :** A tank rune who is aggresive oriented. Why not but it's the tank branch. We have enough dmg with the others runes, now we want tankiness. **Aftershock :** Another tank rune based on dmg. Basically you are boosting your armor and your magic resist for a small couple of second and after you make dmg in zone. This rune is good vs burst but useless vs adc or Precision. Sadly, tanks need to be more tanky and not just vs burst. Also based on CC, that mean if you don't have cc, this rune useless. **Guardian :** Made for tanks supp. But i feel like it's only profitable on Braum, Rakan or Thresh. A Leona won't benefit much from this rune, she better takes aftershock. **Demolish :** No, this rune need to be deleted. Towers are weak and useless. A rune vs tower is an horrible joke. Also it's dmg based since you deal more dmg to tower. Nothing that has to do with "tankiness". This rune is made for pushers but tanks aren't pusher. **Font of life :** Not powerful, underpowered rune. And why you need to rely on your teammates to make this rune useful ? Top laners tanks can't have good runes too ? Also you need CC, it's more support tank oriented. ** Shield bash :** Based on dmg, useless on champs who don't have shield. This rune has nothing to do with tanks. **Conditioning :** I like this rune because it's promoting tankiness ! But in this meta, it's worthless. If you lose your lane, it's not going to save you. It's underpowered. **Second wind :** Why not ? But still weak vs poke. ** Bone plating :** Great for early but useless in lategame. **Overgrowth :** Not enough powerful. Good idea but not enough poweful. **Revitalize :**Also made for tanks support and yet, i still saw more enchanters or regen champs taking this rune. **Unflinching :** This rune is useless if your opponent don't have tons of cc. Tanks aren't made to counter CC; they are here to tank and cc. I feel like it's a Juggernaught rune. It's way more useful on Garen, Darius, Mordekaiser than on Maokai or a Sejuani. Tanks runes are too much "support" oriented. They are also too much oriented on dmg like Grasp of the undying, Shield Bash or Aftershock. Demolish shouldn't exist because it's has nothing to do with tanking and towers are too much weak so we don't need this. Font of life is useless because underpowered and too much support oriented. Conditioning and Overgrowth would be better with longer games like Gathering storm. Second wind lacks of power. Guardian is made only for Braum/Thresh and Rakan. Revitalize lacks of power. Unflinching is made for Juggernaught or champs like Irelia. Bone plating has too much cd and become useless lategame. It's either utility or dmg. I don't see where is the tankiness in Resolve. Utility don't replace tankiness. Dmg don't replace tankiness... Resolve runes don't help you to survive, it's help you to support, to kill tower or to make dmg. These runes need a rework because this is not what we are expecting for a "tank" runes set. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/7a/Inspiration_splash_art.png/revision/latest?cb=20180110214440 **INSPIRATION :** **Glacial Augment : ** It's a rune made to prevent melee champs from reaching you or giving utility. Effective on ranged champs but not really on melees one. **Kleptomancy :** Made for ranged champs because not very worth on melee ones. Gaining OP while attacking is OP on some champs like Ezreal or Karma. **Unsealled spellbook :** Useless. You are sacrifying a rune to gain a summoner spell ? It's not worth it. **Hextech flashtraption :** Hum... not really helpful. You gain a little blink that can be used out of fight... Nothing special. **Magical footwear :** Nerfed but still one of the only Inspiration runes who are worth. **Perfect timing :** One of the only inspiration runes who is worthly. Especially if you are going Zhonia or Guardian angel. Which is not part of your build if you play support. **Future's market :** Not very useful because nerfed but you can't buff it because it's rewarding "doing nothing". Having more PO than you should is something that can be pretty OP. **Minion dematerializer :** A rune made for farming better. Useless on supports champ who are supposed to benefit the most from inspiration. **Biscuit delivery :** Taken by top laners mostly. Can't say it's powerful and become useless in lategame. **Cosmic insight :** One of the only reason of why you would take Inspiration as second branch runes. 45% cdr is a goal on some champs. **Approach Velocity :** A good rune for supports. **Time warp tonic :** Except some top laners or junglers, what the utility of this rune ? Potions are done at 10 min of game. It's not worthly. Inspiration runes lack of power, lack of utility too for some. If supports are supposed to take this branch of runes, what the utility of Kleptomancy and Unsealled book for them ? Hextech flastraption isn't really helpful... Perfect timing is made on mages or adcs. Future's market lack of power and isn't really support oriented. Biscuit delivery and time warp tonic are the most useless runes of Inspiration. Potions aren't a thing you keep in mid/lategame. Cosmic insight and approach Velocity are good but if you take one, you can't take the other. Magical footwear is also good. Glacial Augment, why not ? **To sump up, we can say the runes are too much dmg oriented and it's the first problem of LOL and why games are so fast. Since reworked runes, problems are just showing more and more.** ** 2) Now let's go to problem number two : Turrets** https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/c/c4/Tower.png/revision/latest?cb=20141120045510 The shield plates on turret need to removed. A lot of champs can push easy and the demolish rune make it too much rewarded. Gain PO just for attacking turret ? No. It's not a thing we want to see. Gaining PO for destroying tower yes but only for attacking it, no. It's only increasing snowballing. The guy who win lane will have xp advantage and a lot of xp advantage. Okay, if you win your lane, you should get rewards but actually, it's too much. Especially when it's come to counterpicking. If you are counterpicked, you can only farm and wait your jungle. Sometimes you need to leave your tower. The time where you leave your tower is basically a free gold time for your opponent. If you don't leave your tower and try to defend it, you will get dived by the enemy jungler and your tower won't be able to protect you. Turrets needs to have more dmg, more resistance and more range. Increase a little bit the range, buffing the dmg and tank more the dmg from enemy champs. Diving at lvl 4 shouldn't be a thing. How we can have long games when the enemy jungler with his laner can dive at early stages of a game ? The only thing that can save you is your own jungler. **Basically, we are blocked beetween 2 situations when we don't have advantage in lane : ** Or you leave turret and give free gold and xp to enemy. Or you wait and protect your turret but you will get dived. There is a third way : Get a babysit from your jungler so you can win your lane. It's not fun, not sane. What you can do when you are in a bad mu except playing safe and defend your tower ? You are already punished because you are in bad mu so you will have less gold and xp than your opponent but your turret will also suffer from it. It's like : If you don't win lane, we take a hammer and we stomp you. Playing safe is supposed to be a way to win your lane in a bad matchup but it's not possible anymore. Now you need jungler 24/24. ** 3) Jungle Objectives are too much important :** https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/1/1d/Fire_Dragon_Ingame.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/350?cb=20160420053204 I appreciate junglers can have a lot of utility and bring a lot to their team but drakes/herald and Nashor buffs are too much important and benefits only on the team who is winning. For example : You are below the enemy team. You make the infernal drake. Not only it's hard because you don't have advantage so in most case you can't do it and if you do it, you will get stealed. But even if you still make it, you won't really benefit from it. Since enemy team is in a better shape, the buff won't be a thing before lategame. Having + 7% dmg is good but only if you already have a good stuff with items. Water drake is useless for the team who is losing. Cloud drake is useless for the team who is losing. Mountain drake is useless for the team who is losing also, because you won't do objectives like Nashor or turrets if you are below your opponent. You will pass your time to defend your base. Only the infernal drake out of the 4 drakes can help a "losing team" to comeback. Maybe mountain drake too if they can resist and if they can reach enemy towers. The elder one and the Nashor are the most important objectives and the team who is winning can do them easier ofc. But even if the losing team steal those objectives, it's won't be enough to comeback. The game is too much based on the jungler. He is making ganks so he can decide which lane gonna win. He must do objectives, so if he don't, he will be useless and take his team into a "guaranted lose". That why nobody want to jungle or like to. Too much responsibility. You make the game as jungler because of jungle objectives and ganks. You are the one who can save a bad matchup on a lane...You are the hope of your team. Unless someone of your team get 20/0, you are the guy who makes the game. So junglers are supermans and others role fall behind it because even if you play good as adc for example, no drakes, no jungle objectives lead you to lose most of the time. Especially if your opponent catch the infernal drake. We need to release a little bit of pressure from junglers and put it on others role who are important as the jungler. It's not fair to lose just because the one who have the smite can't do it properly while you have been trying hard all the game. It's also not fair to be blamed because you make mistakes. Junglers can't be perfect but with the amount of pressure they carry with them, one mistake from the jungler is blamed and more visible than for the others roles. Reduce pressure on jungle, reduce the power of jungle objectives. Maybe remove Herald too. These things make snowballing even more effective with runes and turrets. **4) Buff tanks items and nerf AP ratio of some champs :** Buff tanks items so it's will be a good thing for tanks and dmg will be reduced. Nerf AP ratio on champs who aren't supposed to be mages like Cho'gat, Amumu or Malphite. It's not a good and sane playstyle to have 3000-4000 hp and being able to delete someone so easily. These champs are tanks, not mages. I don't want to see 100% AP ratio on Malphite, even if you find it funny. It's not funny. Because Malphite ulti is already a pain in the ass to dogde so if he can delete you with this, it's just disguting. Amumu make % hp dmg with his W. it's already enough, no need to put high AP ratio on him. He is a tank, not a mage. Cho'gat passive is a pain in mid lane. What the utility of poking when you regen like a [removed by moderation] just by killing minions ? Having 4000 HP, dealing big dmg with annoying CC is a torture to play vs. Nautilus is a thing too, his base dmg are pretty high. Sometimes, i'm not regretting Vayne top. How you can blame Vayne top when you have this ? How you can kill AP Cho'gat without %hp dmg ? It's sad but the fact that tank items are underpowered leaded to replace them with HP/AP items who are better. After all, armor and magic resist are useless. Only HP are a thing. That why it's better to have 4000 hp and 500 ap than having 6000 hp with 200 armor and magic resist. Dmg is a thing even on champs it's shouldn't. Remove some items from the game : {{item:3053}}. It's overused on bruisers. Like i said, it's better to have HP than armor or magic resist on this meta. If we want tanks items to be back, we need to remove a little bit pen armor and take down the items who "remplace" them. Also lethality is a problem too. You better remove it and replace it with normal dmg on assassin oriented items. It's would be less problematic to deal with. ** 5) Stop releasing champs with overtuned kits.** You can't put substain, dmg, tankiness, mobility and CC in one champ. You need to choose. Your game is a nightmare to balance because your champs are overtuned. They have almost everything in their kits. Some champs have weaknesses that everyone can see and exploit, like Annie. Some champs don't have weaknesses like Akali or Irelia if they are mastered. Because their kit contains everything. I'm not against "hard champs" to play. Azir and Aurelion look like pretty fair to me. But please, some others "hard champs" are just horrible. You need to choose weaknesses for the champs you make. Annie, even full stuff still have a short range and no substain. Do you agree with most i said ?
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