What is with this BS LP system?

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So I'm pretty frustrated right now. And I by no means claim to be a great player. I learned how to MOBA on this account. On my match history, I started at 62LP in Bronze 5. I go on to win three games which gets me too 100. Of course it had to be 3 cause 98LP. I steamroll my promo and auto promote because of the free win bonus. I go on to lose two in a row and am sitting at 0LP because of the protection. I win one, 14LP. I lose one 0LP. Three wins in a row to 42LP. One loss due to our Fioras Internet crapping out repeatedly and I'm back at 21. (Should also be noted that we were winning handily until we lost Fiora and had to 4v5 the rest of the game.) So I'may gaining 14 per win and losing 21 per loss? How does this work? This grind is the definition of hell. 8 wins and 4 losses. That's a 66% win rate and I'm just BARELY climbing... Thanks for hearing me. -Bronze lifer.
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