"Nasus is OP because he can build full tank and face tank a tower with no minions and take it"

Yeah...he can do that at around 800 bonus damage on his Q+ while needing 4-6 items, including a trinity force. You do realize towers get 200 bonus Armor and MR when there aren't minions around, so you're talking in the neighborhood of 300-350 armor. Nasus won't kill a tower before it kills him unless he's massively farmed, and how many games is Nasus actually getting that kind of farm? In order to get that kind of damage farmed up, you'd literally have to be AFK farming for at least 25-30 minutes. And in that time, Nasus team should've been shit on so hard in 5v4s that his farm doesn't even matter. This is an unrealistic complaint regarding Nasus because in reality, he's rarely getting this kind of farm. As a Nasus player, I stop focusing on heavy farming around 400 bonus damage because if I continue to do nothing but AFK farm, my team is literally going to lose. So if the Nasus QQ has gone full circle here when he's not even a viable top laner in competitive play and he's largely just a solo queue stomper (and trynd and Jax are much better split pushers than he is in solo queue), feel free to challenge me on that. Because he's fine as is, if anything I'd like to see some small changes to make him a better team fighter
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