Junglers lane camping don't feel adequetly punished in farm and level gains

Not sure if this is an intentional meta push from riot, but the jungle camp respawn rate and exp yield at the moment feel like they reward playing in lane more than in the jungle. Of note, Riot themselves have said that changes to jungle yields are meant to have junglers level at the same rate as duo-lanes rather than single lanes, which would indeed point to them intentionally making overstaying in a lane go without consequence; they'll get about the same exp from pushing in a lane as from their camps regardless. One consequence of this is of course the infamous carry jg +support laner funneling strat that keeps popping up in various forms. Because why even care about early jg before major objectives come up when you can do a quick full clear then lane for extra free levels and gold for 2 solid minutes before any camps respawn? I'm not sure what can be done about it either. Just lowering jg spawn would make early jg duelists control the game even more, and just increasing jg exp would make funneling more prominent and let bad overstaying ganks continue to go on without deterrence. Top lane feels the most impacted by it since it's the most out of the way to countergank and the most volatile in terms of matchups and snowballing, {{champion:60}} comes to mind in particular in this regard. Her strengths as a jungler have always been her ability to provide a combination of early harass and late game team fight contributions with the downside of having relatively poor clears. It's no wonder then that in the game's current state where early lane pressure is even more potent while clearing camps is a footnote at best that she would be the strongest jungler in the cast not just in pro play, but in solo queue as well. Other prominent junglers using the unpunished overstays include {{champion:5}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} for carries and {{champion:32}} {{champion:113}} cock blocking their enemy laner from any farm for two and a half waves. And of course funnel recipients like {{champion:11}}. If the goal really is to have junglers level at the rate of duo lanes, it should be from jungling, not from literally playing a duo lane, though to what end this would be doable I have no clue.
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