Why is lifesteal equally effective for ranged and melee characters? Should it be different?

Not a lot of body text on this one; interested in opinions from both sides. I started thinking about this because it struck me as a potential way to balance some items around the ranged/melee physical damage carry issue. Many items, such as Guinsoo's and the Hydra items, attempt to gate power differently between ranged and melee characters, but I'm wondering if there are ways to build that into the stat system that wouldn't break the game. So, what are you thoughts on letting melee's have bigger lifesteal? For the sake of consistency in the conversation, let's assume that melee's get 100% of the benefit of lifesteal items and ranged carries get a smaller %. What's a ratio that you think would be fair to both melee and ranged (assume you are allowed to modify the lifesteal % on items, too)? If you think this would break the underlying game framework fundamentally, please explain why. What's so wrong with it that it would never work, no matter what the ratio was?
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