LeBlanc's new RR is worse than her old passive in literally every way.

I don't know why they couldn't just give it a maximum range and have it be controllable and last a full 8 seconds like her old passive? The new RR is almost universally hated for how gimmicky it is. I understand that sure once in a while you get someone to blow a stun or whatever on it, but it's mostly just a walking ward. How is that deceiving at all? Anyone who's played LB since the rework has noticed just how clunky and unhelpful this ability is. It's so fragile and doesn't act anything like the actual player. The worst thing about it is that LB can't juke when she's low health anymore due to how it behaves. The regular mimic clones will be on CD after a teamfight, and they only last 2.5 sec, and her RR will just beeline straight into the enemy team like a bot. You can't even really have your clone run in an opposite direction as you to fool the enemy because it lasts 2.5 seconds. Between her inability to actually assassinate anymore after 30 minutes, and with her escape abilities crippled, why is she even an assassin anymore? I don't care about her dmg delay as much as I lost what actually made LB fun - Due to the short timers and uncontrollability on her mimics, it feels like she lost so much of what made her the deceiver, and an assassin in general.
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