how should i farm gold in these scenarios?

**1.** I usually play the game against intro/beginners bots (I'm not too comfortable with regular matches), and the bots there are pretty good when it comes to poke. I normally play ranged champions due to bots poking away around half my health with just a single encounter. It's even worse as a melee champion where i practically can't get a single CS without having half my health pool erased. What's a good way to stop taking poke damage while farming as a melee champion? **2.** I practically play Support in most of my matches, even as characters that aren't supports. This usually means i bring a gold income item with me, which ends up not really paying off if someone (regularly bot players) decide to head down a different lane and leave me without a teammate. I want to switch to using regular items, but that also effects my gold income, due to my teammate taking all the CS. How should i farm minions to keep both of our CS decent?
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