Game sucks. Riot kills League of Legends with new update

As if Riot couldn't make things worse, League has already gone to utter shit. Ever since they've updated the game with the new rune system, players have begun to dwindle. Why? Because the new rune system has deprived them the pleasure of glorified stat build. They've lost the liberty of purchasing with IP, as well as the freedom to choose among countless of runes that will benefit their champion as they see fit. It's as if they've merged the mastery, and rune system, into one complicated mess. Hell, i don't even think its a rune system anymore. Instead of allowing players to be economical with their IP, they simply removed that option then replaced them with four "rune" trees, each one has a fixed set of mastery-like options that players can just choose from. No more unique rune pages, no more Quintessence's, no more reward system. IP has been replaced with "Blue Essences" which you can only acquire from either leveling up, or completing their dumb missions. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain BE from your win-lose PVP/Ranked matches. Great, Now It'll take forever to purchase a champion. Well done Riot. Well done.
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