PSA: Divers and Assassins are two completely different classes

I see alot of people throwing the term Assassin around but using it to define completely _Diver_ related champions and concepts. It seems that the majority envisions an Assassin to simply be someone that deletes a single target. Assassins however are not the only class defined by single target deletion. You also have Divers whose role is to target a single enemy and Dive past resistance using tankiness, some form of CC immunity and some form of single target CC lockdown to completely obliterate it. Following this, Divers then proceed to brawl in the midst of the enemy team. Divers also just so happen to be some of the best gankers in the game since they specialize in single target lockdown and deletion. Just look at {{champion:254}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:164}} . An Assassin's role however is to wait until they see an opening where CC/damage won't keep them from their target and use their gap closing tools to catch it and delete it with a full spell rotation before using an escape tool to get out and look for another opening. Assassins do _not_ want to charge head on and they don't want to stick around in the midst of 4 enemies after deleting a target as that's basically suicide. Divers and Assassins tend to dip into each others skillsets sometimes just like any other archtype does (such as Ahri being a pseudo-Assassin) but it's fairly simple to see what their true identity is (such as Ahri is still a Burst Mage). --- --- So onto a more recent misuse of the term Assassin lets look at Rengar and the things he has that Assassins don't have and Divers do. 1. Great ganking potential due to single target lockdown and deletion capabilities. 2. The ability to continue brawling in the midst of the enemy after killing his target. 3. The ability to dive past resistance tactically using stealth and the ability to either lock his target down with E or ignore incoming CC and some damage with W. --- Now let's look at the traits that align him with the Assassin archtype. 1. He can escape after a kill with empowered W (maybe) and Stormraider if he's running it. 2. Can't literally dive head on as he has to keep his distance during his ult to remain unseen. Not much huh? And even then what's there is pushing it. --- So when you all say that you want Rengar to be an Assassin are you saying you want his plethora of Diver tools removed in exchange for proper Assassin escape tools or are you just misusing the term "Assassin" when what you really mean to say is "reliable burst"?
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