Tell me about your 'most wrong' assumptions you made before stuff got released

I thought it would be fun to see how much the regular League player can be fooled when seeing changes before he/she can test them in-game. Let me start with some things I got wrong myself: 1. I was dead sure Jhin would be played mid lane. The lack of Attack Speed made him impossible to be played bot lane in my head. 2. I thought Dusk Blade would be the most broken sh*t released to the game. Turns out it isn't that big of a deal. 3. I thought the 20AP nerf on Runic Echoes would gut the true AP junglers that didn't build it to abuse it (Hecarim, Udyr...) edit: I am so sorry I don't reply to everyone of you :( We are currently at 120+ comments which is amazing but starts to get out of control :D But you can count on me to at least read every one of them (!!!), which is something I guess.
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