RIP Tanks (5.5-5.16)

They did it. They actually did it. The 5.16 notes have come out, it's official. Tanks are now 100% dead. Literally every single bit of discussion on Reddit,, the Boards, PBE, or wherever else has been COMPLETELY ignored by Rito. What's the point of RiotRepertoir responding to things if nothing actually changes? Oh, the {{champion:86}} are less shitty (but still shitty). {{champion:82}} is still ruined. {{item:3075}} , one of the LEAST popular armor items IN THE GAME who's stats haven't been touched since 2010/2009 has finally been nerfed to a point where it's no longer good at the job it's INTENDED TO DO. Great, it does more damage against 80 AD mage auto attacks but less damage against 400+ damage crits and empowered autos. Fucking great. {{item:3110}} is finally back to season 2/3 levels of bad and {{item:3143}} is just bad, except against maybe a {{champion:157}} or {{champion:22}} but even then your {{item:3075}} returns less damage so who cares. Hasn't Rito learned that double nerfing fucks their game? This isn't the first time. This is like a quadruple nerf. (nerf armor items stats/effectiveness) \* (buff AD champions "juggernauts") \* (introduce new AD Bruiser items) \* (increase the price of armor items) I can't wait to watch those pro flashy LC$BIGPLAY$" games where players spend 80% of the game dancing around and NOT initiating fights and everyone gets popped / killed in split seconds and tower dives are even less punished. I can't wait to see {{champion:64}} in every game AGAIN. I can't wait to see increased strategic diversity by seeing an entire role/class of champions essentially disappear from games. Oh wait. Fucking useless Rito balance team.
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