League's new player experience... is actually pretty good?

The game is exciting, the graphics are cool compared to most MOBAs, every champion is unique. There is so much to learn and you will see so much new stuff. When I play with my new friends they feed their asses off and they really don't care. They're not concerned with the fact that "oh no, I died so I lost 3 waves and my tower", they really don't even know what consequences dying even really has - so they don't mind dying. They don't understand or care what a level really is, or what powerspikes with items really are. They just buy whatever they think looks the coolest and just try and fight people. In terms of flaming? I'd say majority of new players don't care. Hell, as a new player I never even read the chat. The thing is: new players **don't have any pride**. When you're leveling a smurf account and someone flames you for being bad, you probably _feel bad_ because you think you should be better (only reason flaming even gets to people is because 1) they think they are better than the person flaming them 2) they think its not their fault they are doing poorly). New players, don't have any expectations for themselves. I remember one time I was so happy I went 0/0/0 because usually I went 4/15/0 or some shit. I'd pick champions because I'd read their ability descriptions (in the old client, when you clicked on a champion a list of abilities and descriptions would pop up at the bottom) and their pictures looked cool. If I'd die a lot I'd just buy a crap ton of ruby crystals (more health = more tanky). Like new players aren't "confused" when they see a complex champion like Camille, they just don't care to use her to her "full potential". They don't care that her E gives 70% attack speed or w.e., they just use that ability and bounce around and have a good time. I just think people that complain about new player experience are generally not new players. Because I've known 20-30 IRL friends that joined league as "new players" and all of them have reached level 30 without quitting and have a good time playing.
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