Jungle camps take too long to re spawn, resulting in junglers camping top lane non-stop.

I'm dead ass serious, junglers just run around with nothing to do for a good 30 seconds so they just insist on sitting top lane, resulting in me not being able to do a god damn thing the entire laning phase. This rift scuttler horizontal ganking bullshit also needs to get removed. Ever since Scuttle was introduced to the game, it's been nothing but a shit fest. This is why people are getting autofilled to top more than they are support right now, because it's genuinely unfun to play since it's a 2v1 the entire game. People path upwards through the jungle more often than not because 9/10 times the top laner is some non-mobility bruiser/tank that can't possibly escape any ganks if they have any CC on the opposing team. Please fix this.
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