Ranked and new players

WHY in God's name would someone TOTALLY new to ranked be in a high Silver low gold game.......first ranked game EVER he is paired with gold and S1 players........this to me will just set him up to be like the rest of this community just flaming each other for no reason.........let them get into a few games and experience what ranked is and after that let them improve.....drives me crazy when i see this shit.......every time i get into S1 it goes the same way they die in the first 2 mins and then flame and afk till we ff......new players seeding in ranked should start in games vs bronze 5 players and then as they play and win they go vs higher players each game till 5 games then the elo system can figure out where to place them to finish their seeding but games 1 thru 5 should ALL be placed vs bronze to silver if they win a bunch in a row....if they go 5 and 0 place them vs gold 5 for 2 games if they win those go higher if they lose and go 0 5 leave them the f*ck where they are.......its pretty easy and it doesn't seem to have any flaws to me......remember this is ONLY for the first 5 to 10 games after that the system works just fine..............but there should never be a game I get into where someone is in their first ranked game ever.....i would say only allow duoing for people who are either both seeding or don't allow it at all for seeding players...
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