10/22 PBE Update: TFT Set 2, Preseason 2020 Testing & More!
( Warning : PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.) Preseason 2020: Rise of the Elements TFT - 9.22 Set 2 PBE Change Log & Update Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE!
According to a recent Surrender at 20 article, it says "This item has been underused and underpowered for a very long time. The tower disable effect is an interesting interaction that can exist in LoL, but it has been hard to balance in the item space because we would not be happy if we saw tower disable become a baseline on most team comps." I find that instead of removing the item because it is underused, it should be given a revamp, similar to champion reworks. Ohmwrecker has been an item since season 1. Unlike other items that have been removed since then, this item is named and dedicated to a specific player, by removing this item, it shows a lack of community-company interaction. Furthermore, Ohmwrecker has been here since the first season, but has only received 7 changes since its release, but 2 of them were only gold changes. Instead of removing it because of its popularity, it should be featured in other gamemodes, whether it be used as a model for an item in TFT, or a special item in a new gamemode, similar to the brutalizer used in nexus blitz. This item is unpopular because it is not well known, because of the meta. If it were an older meta such as tanks in season 4-6, this item would be much better and would allow tanks to have more opportunities. This item is extremely unique in comparison to other items in terms of its active ability. Other active abilities are similar to each other, such as Zhonya's and the cap in Twisted Treeline(RIP TT) or the hextech set. Riot is already heading in a creative direction with its new patches and champions, such as Neeko hiding as another champion or the Syla's ultimate. Ohmwrecker provides an opportunity that Riot is backing away from, the ability to tower dive is not limited to tanks. Although it may be built as a tank item, its unique passive from raptor cloak affects game play because it can change pathing. Ohmwrecker must also be a highly coordinated item, if it is used and others do not initiate, it will be truly useless. Raising awareness of Ohmwrecker will fix this, and will also get more people to use it. At its current state it is not strong enough to be considered broken, but rather than being underpowered, it is underused. If put on a jungler, a well organized team can dive with its jungler using Ohmwrecker. It creates initiations otherwise impossible, and is an interaction that Riot Games is not testing out enough. Please reconsider the removal of Ohmwrecker, and rather than trying to solve the problem of it being underused by it being underused, try to revamp it such as champion reworks.
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