Disenchanting Champion Shards

So, being a somewhat old player myself, I have a **lot** of champions hards. I want to start getting rid of them so I can clear up the clutter and fancy up my blue essence because, well, why not. Then I noticed that there was a small issue with that plan...There's no way to disenchant stacks of champion shards. Unless I'm missing a button, I cannot find any way to disenchant champion shards in any way other than one at a time. When you have stacks of champion shards in the 30's and 40's, this is...kinda a problem. I dont think anyone wants to sit there, watching the disenchant animation 40+ times for 90 essence each time. Could we finally get some sort of option to disenchant stacks of shards, for the sake of convenience? You already have options to open multiple crates and such at a time, but no way to disenchant multiple shards? Comeon Riot, give us a hand!
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