Yuumi literally has every single enchanter ability, and that's not okay.

Yuumi has a projectile with a slow, a shield, a heal, a movement speed boost, a large aoe root, and other than that, a dash(ish), is literally invulnerable 90% of the game, the only time you can shut her down is when u kill whoever she's attached to, which is pretty goddamn difficult in and of itself when she can heal them, shield them, and give them a movement speed boost, all while staying invulnerable. Don't get me started on that ult, i'd be fine if they gave her a more unique ult but all they did was give her 7 fast-forwarded nami ults with roots instead of knock-ups. I'd be fine if Yuumi still did what she did save for that ult. She's strong enough with the 80% slow on her maxed-out Q, I don't get why she still gets to have a 1100 unit long aoe root. She does way too much for a support, IMO. What do you guys think?
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