TFT is 90% luck, 10% skill

Ok, so Ive played about 25 TFT matches so far. This game mode has absolutely nothing to do with skill whatsoever, and its all about luck and RNG. Its not fun to play. If you dont get the item drops, youre facing a player that may have 3-4 fully completed items while you have 1 completed item, maybe 2. You wont win that fight. You cant outplay the other person, their items outscale yours. Its not like in Summoners Rift where good positioning, vision and smart moves can allow the lesser fed team to win team fights. In TFT you cant control what items drop and when they drop. You cant control which champs are made available to you. Youre level 2 Vayne has no chance against their level 3 Graves. TFT is all about luck and RNG. Its a shame, becuase this game mode could have been fun, but if the RNG doesnt favor you, especially in the first 3 rounds vs minions, you've already lost.
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