Many Keystones could certainly be usable on more champions than they are now.

Also, as a side note: Keystone recommendations for champions should be a thing just like recommended items but in champ select so that people can consider using them before the game starts. I'm not saying reworked Keystones couldn't have their own balancing issues, but balanced versions of these keystones would be viable options for WAY more champions than they currently are and that the game could use a bit more variety. Arcane Comet could be serviceable whatsoever for AD champions, for example, unlike how it is now. Same with Aery. I used to run Comet on Renekton (as silly as that may sound) because it was fun proccing it with him so easily and so often, but dps has been pushed so hard that Comet's lategame cooldown doesn't matter anymore since most fights between melees last only a few seconds and are often completely one-sided thanks to items like {{item:3161}}, keystones like Conqueror (perhaps literally only Conqueror) and scaling champions like {{champion:75}}. On ADs both of these Keystones hit like wet noodles in comparison to their other options; imo straight-up "troll Keystones" like these two on AD champions shouldn't exist, ever. Not to mention that Sorcery rune nerfs make it even less tempting to consider the tree altogether for anyone but mages. Grasp is the most wishy-washy Keystone in existence. There will never be a reason to run it in its current state unless it's either for a durdly melee top that never roams, to troll an enemy melee top as a ranged top or buffed and becomes OP. It could use some more oomph, but also a harder-to-reach proc condition than just breathing next to minions every once in a while. It seems like Riot really dropped the ball with this one and they just didn't know what to do with it. The on-hit slow Keystone could use some sort of additional benefit to the slowing. Many champions would be able to consider using it if it had anything else going for it. There's so much mobility nowadays that an on-hit slow doesn't really matter much anymore unless it involves catching someone out of position - if the Keystone opened up outplay potential beyond that scenario it would be in a much better spot. Currently it's never used, although that might just be because support players simply prefer different Keystones as I could see it as at least decently viable for some protective supports. Finally, Hail of Blades and Predator are a mess. They're jungle-only Keystones and have forced Domination into becoming a jungle-only tree (aha). On certain respective junglers these Keystones are utterly ridiculous. Both of them deserve nerfs, and the runes in the Domination page some buffs for compensation. Believe it or not, there's no longer a smorgasbord of burst from Ignite and runes from other trees - particularly considering the Sorcery and Precision rune nerfs - enabling assassins and other bursty melees to just pick the best raw damage options for them alongside Domination and win, so now the nerfed Domination runes are often avoided entirely unless a particular OP Domination Keystone is taken for a certain role+champion. Sudden Impact deserves a rebuff in particular so long as {{champion:92}} is kept in check, but most of the others could use some love as well.
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